Fogsphere AI:
Workplace Safety Monitoring using AI and IoT

Fogsphere® provides the most advanced AI & IoT technology to monitor the safety of your most precious asset: your Workers.

Fogsphere® Workplace Safety Applications

Industries We Support

From Health & Safety Vision Analytics to Shoppers Insights, Fogsphere covers the end-to-end needs of the Retail Market through a complete and privacy-friendly suite of implementations.

Leak detection, Hazardous material handling, PPE detection, Environmental monitoring, Security & Access Control are only few of the applications possible with Fogsphere for Chemical Plants.

Fogsphere supplies 50+ turn-key EHS rules applied with few clicks for the Construction Market. From PPE monitoring to management of gates between PPE-free (green) and mandatory PPE areas.

Fogsphere's proprietary Computer Vision AI covers vision applications in Smart Cities enabling Automated Traffic Management and Enhanced Public Safety applications. Fogsphere also facilitate monitoring of Waste Collection Operations to enable easier maintenance of cleaner streets.

Health & Safety compliance in Warehouse is not only protection of workers. Prescribing the right analytics provides reduction of operation down-times increasing the efficiency of the Warehouse.

Health & Safety Vision Analytics for the Oil & Gas Market for all the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream segments.

We cover the Power Generation Health & Safety Vision Analytics, including for the Renewable Generation (Solar, Hydro and Wind) along with the Thermal Generation.

We offer Health & Safety Vision Analytics for the Healthcare market, covering PPE detection in wards, surgery rooms, and other areas of hospitals and clinics, including for Field Service Management and Facilities Management operations.

We deliver powerful Visual Analytics to protect workers on the shop floor of Manufacturing plants.


Customers and Partners

Become part of the world's most extensive network for workplace safety monitoring.

Fogsphere offers a comprehensive suite of privacy-friendly AIoT solutions and algorithms, covering everything from health and safety vision analytics to advanced industrial applications. This complete offering, powered by the unified Fogsphere platform, caters to the end-to-end needs of diverse industries.


for a Safer Industry

Enabling a data-driven approach with Fogsphere's leading-edge AI algorithms to track industries adherence to EHS regulations.

◎    Automated capturing of safety events through existing CCTV cameras
◎    Enable your EHS team to build custom rules specific to your work environment
◎    No coding or AI skills are required
◎    Transparent costs

Health & Safety compliance monitoring of:

- PPEs (Hard helmets, Earmuffs, Gloves, High-visibility jackets, etc.)
- PPE Restricted Areas Entrance & Monitoring
- Access Gates Integration and Monitoring
- Fire & Smoke Detection
- Explosions Detection
- Worker Active Safety Monotoring
- Worker Body-cams Visual Analytics
- ISO14001 Compliance Monitoring with AI

The supervision of Health and Safety Compliance entails a thorough examination of numerous issues.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as hard helmets, earmuffs, gloves, and high-visibility jackets must be meticulously monitored. It also includes closely monitoring restricted zones designated for PPE use and strictly limiting entrance points. Access gates must be integrated and constantly monitored as part of this process.

Fire, smoke, and potential explosion detection systems are in place to enable quick response to emergencies. Furthermore, worker safety is maintained through constant Active Safety Monitoring and novel solutions such as worker Body-cams with visual analytics capabilities. This comprehensive strategy includes adherence to ISO14001 and ISO45001 standards, which are painstakingly monitored and maintained with the use of AI-driven systems.

for a Smarter City

Distribute AI at the "Edges" of the city.

Run AI over CCTV even with unstable 4g connections.

FogSphere's 3-tier architectural model allows to operate a fully distributed Edge-to-Fog-to-Cloud architecture across the city, with no more need to supercharge connectivity and compute power towards Data Centres.

With an Edge AI approach, you can now deploy your processing power only where you actually need it!

Crowd & Vehicles monitoring:

- Human presence
- People counting
- Non-biometric re-identification of people
- Face Identification
- Crowd analytics
- Virtual fencing
- Flow analytics
- Access control
- Area tracking
- Visual search


Computer Vision for Sustainability:
A technology enabler

Computer Vision is the most effective branch of AI in making our world greener. See our applications of FogSphere® for a greener world!


Fogsphere® enables visual monitoring of the byproduct of industries. Monitoring of smoke columns with AI enables industries to control and intervene then their filters and scrubbers are clogged or other systems are malfunctioning

Health & Safety

Malfunctioning filtration systems are harmful to your workers. FogSphere® enables monitoring of smoke in the air through our State-Of-The-Art Smoke Detection algorithm integrated in FogSphere®!


Poisonous chemicals are harmful for humans and also, in the long term, damaging for the structural integrity of your facilities. Corrosion, Corona-effect and many other complications in the visual-spectrum can be detected by FogSphere® to intervene on time to the root cause of them!


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