Visual Assistant®: GenAI at your fingertip

Workplace health and safety are at the forefront of the fourth industrial revolution, with technology solutions now being readily deployed to close the gap in workplace behaviors, incidents, and injuries. Digitization brings both new ways of completing work and new challenges from a health and safety perspective.

At Fogsphere, we’re leveraging advanced technologies like Computer Vision, IoT, and Generative AI to enhance workplace Health and Safety. These technology solutions create more efficient operations, reduce risks, and improve overall safety when properly implemented and embedded into daily routines.

To truly harness the power of Generative AI in health and safety, We’ve introduce the Visual Assistant®, that enables organizations to adopt a natural language based approach for Event Data representation, KPI analysis, Event’s footage HSE compliance analysis and much more. 

Here are the key steps to maximize the impact of Generative AI with Visual Assistant® in your organisation:

  1. Determine clear Key Performance Indicators: For every objective, align a performance metric to measure progress. Focus on both leading and lagging indicators to get a comprehensive view of safety performance.

  2. Standardize Data Collection Methods through Fogsphere’s Flows: Use a systematic approach based on the Fogsphere Asset Manager properties, to collect structured data (also as time-series) to ensure asset’s data is consistent, well-designed, and transparent, to easily create automates for a true “Intelligent Response” to workers’ safety and security threats.

  3. Implement Data Governance Practices: Define adequate data retention policies for your data in Fogsphere by routinely auditing and validating collected data. Establish governance around data security, privacy, and integrity, and address any objections from employees regarding data collection.

  4. Conduct Comprehensive Data Analysis: Analyze collected data to extract meaningful insights. Utilize tools like Fogsphere’s Event Analytic Dashboards and advanced solutions like the Fogsphere Visual Assistant to break down and understand data.

  5. Evaluate Impact and Effectiveness: Link data and insights from the Fogsphere Asset Manager back to performance metrics in Fogsphere Dashboards. Assess if the technology solutions are driving change and providing useful insights that shape safety strategies and future programs.

  6. Communicate Insights Effectively: Expose your Fogsphere Dashboards to your workers on the field, to build trust by clearly communicating real-time health and safety data insights. Share how data collection drives improvements and future plans with the tools provided by Fogsphere.

  7. Forecast Future Trends: As the data set matures, use it to anticipate emerging trends and issues. Inform future health and safety strategies and upgrade technology solutions accordingly.

  8. Integrate with IoT Data using Fogsphere: Integrate additional data leveraging on Fogsphere’s LoRaWAN/IoT stack, to connect new sensors in your workplace, augmenting visual data with environmental data (gas presence, thermal data, pollutants, humidity, wind speed, etc) to overall improve your ability to create comprehensive health and safety strategies and augment your Operational Intelligence knowledge of your yard! 

At Fogsphere, we’re committed to driving the future of Workplace Safety through innovative technology and data-driven strategies. We’ll continue to push the boundaries and create the best technology for safer working environments for your customers!

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