Enhancing Safety with Fogsphere: Real-time detection and prevention of unsafe behaviours

In high-hazard industries, where human error can result in catastrophic events, unsafe behaviors significantly contribute to workplace fatalities and injuries. Imagine the impact if EHS managers could intervene in real-time to prevent these behaviors from escalating into tragedies. This vision is becoming a reality with the advent of AIoT, which combines Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Generative AI to revolutionize workplace safety.


The Importance of Behavioral Safety

 Behavioral safety focuses on predictive leading indicators, such as identifying and addressing unsafe acts promptly to prevent incidents. By leveraging these indicators, EHS managers can foster a cultural shift that promotes safe behaviors across the workforce.

 Unsafe acts, whether intentional or unintentional, include behaviors like drivers using mobile phones on the road, workers taking shortcuts across vehicle zones, and employees bypassing safety measures to free jammed objects. One challenge for EHS managers is the inability to be present at all times to detect these violations. However, with AIoT-driven computer vision, it is now possible to continuously monitor and address unsafe behaviors in real-time, 24/7.


The Challenge of Unsafe Behaviors

Investigations by safety regulators, such as the Health and Safety Executive in Great Britain, reveal that unsafe behaviors often significantly contribute to workplace accidents (www.hse.gov.uk/humanfactors/topics/behaviouralintor.htm). Case studies frequently highlight incidents where workers suffer life-changing injuries while attempting to remove jammed objects or are fatally struck by forklifts in busy yards.

EHS managers face the daily challenge of maintaining a safe work environment and encouraging compliance with safety protocols, especially under pressure to meet tough deadlines. When previous violations go undetected or unchecked, the risk of serious incidents increases.

AIoT’s Role in Behavioral Safety

Traditional safety programs rely on lagging indicators, such as fatality, injury, and near-miss data, to manage risk. In contrast, AIoT helps EHS managers predict potential problems by analyzing vast amounts of data collected through continuous monitoring. Cutting-edge camera software tracks worker movements, and AI analyzes this data to identify patterns of behavior, both safe and unsafe.

With these insights, EHS managers gain full visibility of workplace activities and can proactively minimize or eliminate risks. The integration of AI, IoT, and Generative AI allows for a more dynamic and responsive approach to workplace safety.

Fogsphere AIoT for HSE Safety

Fogsphere, a leading provider of AIoT solutions for safety, empowers global EHS teams to protect their industrial workforces. Our platform helps minimize risks and the likelihood of incidents, whether they are near-misses, injuries, or fatalities.

Our software integrates seamlessly into any work environment’s CCTV network, autonomously capturing and analyzing unsafe behaviors in real-time. The user-friendly interface enables EHS managers to filter, tag, and share events internally while securely preserving worker privacy.

Fogsphere alerts EHS teams about non-compliant behaviors, such as improper manual handling techniques, unsafe interactions between pedestrians and vehicles, and risky shortcuts with dangerous equipment. The collected data enables EHS teams to generate actionable reports, providing full visibility of risks across the business. This proactive approach allows for the implementation of measures to prevent future unsafe events, reducing the risk of accidents and associated costs, and enhancing operational efficiency.

Transforming Safety Culture with AIoT

Decision-makers who adopt AIoT tools like Fogsphere can transform the safety culture within their organizations by enhancing behavioral safety across the workforce. By providing EHS managers with effective tools to identify unsafe acts in real-time, they can intervene immediately, address risks, and reinforce safe behaviors, protecting the entire workforce.

 To discover how Fogsphere can provide full visibility of unsafe behaviors and help avert accidents before they escalate, visit: https://fogsphere.com.

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