Fogsphere® enabling Health & Safety Monitoring and Compliance for

Manufacturing Industry

Fogsphere® leverages cutting-edge computer vision technologies tailored specifically for site operations in manufacturing plants. Its capabilities facilitate continuous surveillance of production lines to preemptively identifying potential disruptions due to workplace safety hazards.

Workplace safety monitoring with AI is crucial for the manufacturing industry due to several key reasons:

Accident Prevention: Manufacturing involves complex machinery and delicate processes. Fogsphere's workplace safety monitoring AI can preemptively recognise and alert to potential safety risks, thereby preventing accidents on production lines.

Regulatory Adherence: The general manufacturing industry is subject to strict safety and quality regulations. Fogsphere helps to ensure ongoing compliance with these regulations (including ISO45001), minimising the risk of non-compliance penalties.

Precision and Reliability: Fogsphere offers the ability to precisely monitor and analyse intricate manufacturing processes involving human interaction, ensuring operations are within safe parameters and reducing the likelihood of human hazard.

Rapid Emergency Handling: Fogsphere can quickly identify emergencies situations in production lines and automate responses, such as visual feedback, informing safety managers, shutting down equipment or alerting emergency services, reducing the severity of incidents.


Worker Safety: In environments with potential electrical hazards, Fogsphere can monitor access and interactions with such electrical equipment without the correct PPE, helping to protect workers from accidents and eventual electrocution.

Cost Reduction: By minimizing the frequency and impact of workplace incidents, Fogsphere can lead to significant cost savings by reducing downtime, insurance payout costs, and legal liabilities.

Continuous Improvement: Fogsphere can continuously learn and adapt, leading to the constant enhancement of safety measures and protocols within the manufacturing environment.

Implementing AI in safety monitoring is thus essential for electronic manufacturers in particular to ensure a secure work environment, maintain compliance, and achieve operational excellence.


Fogsphere® AIoT Applications for the Manufacturing Industry



Fogsphere® Computer Vision Applications for the Manufacturing Industry

One of the most serious consequences of noncompliance is an increased chance of workplace accidents and injury. Failure to follow PPE rules exposes workers to preventable hazards on construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and healthcare settings. The absence or poor use of protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, safety goggles, and respirators can have serious repercussions ranging from minor errors to life-altering occurrences.

Fogsphere quickly detects and assures adherence to personal protective equipment (PPE) laws thanks to its sophisticated AIoT capabilities, minimising workplace risks. Our cutting-edge AI algorithms keep track of any kind of personal protective equipment, speeding real-time monitoring and reporting of the most common PPE, which is required anywhere in the world for outdoor work environments.

Through advanced analytics and machine learning, Fogsphere® detects anomalies, threats, and operational inefficiencies in complex scenarios, providing actionable insights in real-time. Our solution empowers security personnel, facility managers, and decision-makers with real-time alerts, intelligent notifications, and visualizations for informed decision-making.

Fogsphere® leverages cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive vehicle operation control by combining data sources, analytics, and real-time insights. Our technology detects irregularities, risks, and operational breaches in complex circumstances using powerful analytics and machine learning, providing timely, actionable intelligence and providing real-time alerts, intelligent notifications, and visual representations to vehicle operators, safety officers, and decision-makers in order to support well-informed decision-making and to reduce injuries caused by unsafe practises.

When workers stray off defined paths and into restricted or hazardous regions, they may encounter a variety of challenges and repercussions. This behavioural raises the likelihood of accidents, trips and falls which could result in injury.

Walk corridors dangers are addressed by Fogsphere automated detection systems, decreasing risks of workers following into unwanted risks when heading outside of pedestrian paths. Investing in automated detection systems improves safety, reduces injuries and near-misses and alerts field works of potential area-related hazards when walking outside walk corridors.

Slips, trips and falls are among the most common and dangerous accidents in high-risk workplaces, posing serious risks to both workers and visitors. Uneven surfaces, wet or slippery flooring, poor illumination, congested walkways and insufficient safety precautions are all common causes of these incidents.

In this specific case, Fogsphere focuses on preventing workplace slips, trips, and falls in order to create a safe and productive atmosphere. We help organizations identify possible hazards, implement effective safety measures and prioritize the well-being of their personnel.

Poorly maintained vehicles pathways can result in a variety of issues and have broad repercussions such as the possibility for property destruction significantly increases in the absence of obvious paths. Vehicles may unintentionally crash with objects or structures while carrying delicate equipment and goods, or more seriously, they can injure pedestrian workers resulting in expensive repairs or replacements.

Roadway dangers are addressed by Fogsphere automated detection systems, decreasing risks for clean industrial vehicle paths. Investing in automated detection systems improves safety, reduces collisions and near-misses and alerts drivers to potential vehicle-related hazards.

In industrial settings loose debris, tools left on the ground or unsecured scaffolding can be potential sources of accidents as to as spilled chemicals or oils on floors that can create slippery surfaces.

Our technology can quickly recognize unattended objects and misplaced things which can represent a risk for workers. Consider the following scenario: a door opens and closes, showing an unattended package. The object begins flashing within two seconds, signaling the need for rapid attention.

Contact with electricity or discharge zones in high-risk contexts (e.g., industrial or construction sites) can have serious, life-threatening repercussions. Electric shock can alter heart and nervous system function, and high-voltage shocks can cause internal damage, cardiac arrest, and death. Long-term health problems are also possible. Implement tight safety precautions, such as suitable PPE, regular equipment inspection, and enforcing protocols for working near electrical sources, to avoid dangers.

Access to areas containing electricity or discharge must be restricted to improve electrical safety. Implementing your workplace with Fogsphere's AI monitoring, which can identify unauthorised persons and swiftly alert them of their restricted access, is one effective technique for mitigating the risk of unauthorised interaction.

Extreme weather conditions, hazardous substances or dangerous activities all necessitate extra vigilance and preventive steps to avoid potential overexposure which can have long-term health consequences. Workers in high-risk industries may also experience overexertion, weariness and decreased concentration which increases the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

We have methodically devised a complete procedure that covers many aspects of safety with a thorough awareness of the problems faced by such scenarios. We recognise that prolonged periods of idleness not only reduce productivity but also increase the hazards associated with overexposure. Our method takes a proactive approach to worker safety by implementing well-defined time limitations.

Falls from great heights are one of the main causes of industrial accidents around the world. Workers are vulnerable to significant injuries without sufficient safety equipment and training, which can result in long-term impairments or even death. Employers are not immune to the consequences of work-at-heights occurrences. They may suffer legal ramifications, costly penalties, and reputational harm. Furthermore, workplace accidents can lead to lost productivity, higher insurance rates, and the cost of replacing injured staff.

Our computer vision technology improves worker safety when performing work at heights. Consider a worker on scaffolding in close proximity to a tall robot arm. A red flash warns them as they approach a risky region. This rapid AI notification offers an additional degree of security, promoting vigilance in their workplace.

Unlawful intrusion into equipment zones can have far-reaching and severe consequences, posing significant risks to worker and organizations. Equipment zones often house machinery, heavy equipment, hazardous materials or critical infrastructure. Unauthorized access can lead to accidents, injuries, or even fatalities if unauthorized.

Our AIoT-powered technology restricts access to equipment zones using facial recognition, limiting unlawful intrusion and mproveing the safety of ac. When a worker approaches a camera-equipped pole, for example, their face is scanned, and the ROI changes color to indicate authority.

Line of fire accidents continue to pose major risks to workers in a variety of industrial sectors, from building sites to manufacturing plants. These mishaps happen when a worker is unintentionally placed in the path of moving objects, equipment or dangerous materials, resulting in significant injury or even death. Understanding the issues behind line of fire accidents is critical for creating preventative measures and guaranteeing workplace safety.

Our system constantly observes its surroundings by utilising powerful computer vision and machine learning. In cases when hazards persist, our AI operates as a vigilant guardian, promptly informing employees when they are in line of fire. When a worker is moving beneath a suspended load, our system diligently detects this perilous condition and sends an instant notice to safeguard the employee's safety.

Our technology smoothly integrates data from numerous sources, resulting in a panoramic perspective that is not visible to the naked eye. This in-depth understanding stimulates your decision-making, laying the path for exact actions in the face of hardship.

We use machine learning algorithms to detect patterns, forecast outcomes, and direct resource allocation with unparalleled accuracy in emergency protocols. The end result? A strategic edge that turns chaos into order. We help you to mitigate impacts, protect assets, and save lives by anticipating future interruptions.

Our Supported Use-cases

Our Solutions Areas

Revolutionizing PPE Compliance. Using Computer Vision and AI, combined with cloud computing and IoT, we offer an efficient solution to monitor, track, and enforce PPE usage for optimal safety and protocol adherence.

The Future of Area Control. Fogsphere® is an advanced platform that integrates data from sensors, CCTV, and IoT devices for real-time area monitoring. Using analytics and machine learning, it identifies anomalies and threats in workplaces, offering real-time insights and alerts for better decision-making.

Advanced Vehicle Safety Monitoring. Using state-of-the-art technology, Fogsphere® integrates data from sensors and cameras to detect operational breaches in vehicles. It provides real-time alerts to enhance safety and decision-making. Your go-to for optimal vehicle safety.

Revolutionizing Housekeeping Safety. Using advanced monitoring, Fogsphere® integrates data from sensors and cameras to detect risks. It provides swift alerts and insights to staff and decision-makers for proactive safety measures.

Pioneering Behavioural Safety. Using analytics, machine learning, and data from videos, CCTV, and IoT, we identify potential dangers from inappropriate conduct, analyzing trends to prevent unforeseen safety issues through human behavior evaluation.

Revolutionizing Emergency Management. Using advanced analytics and Computer Vision, we offer a comprehensive crisis view, guiding decisions. Our machine learning optimizes resources, transforming chaos into order, and safeguarding lives.

Industries We Support

From Health & Safety Vision Analytics to Shoppers insights, Fogsphere covers the end-to-end needs of the Retail market through a complete and privacy-friendly suite of implementations.

Leak detection, Hazardous material handling, PPE detection, Environmental monitoring, Security & access control are only few of the applications possible with Fogsphere for Chemical Plants.

Fogsphere supplies 50+ turn-key EHS rules applied with few clicks for the Construction market. From PPE monitoring to management of gates between PPE-free (green) and mandatory PPE areas.

Fogsphere's proprietary Computer Vision AI covers vision applications in Smart Cities enabling automated Traffic Management and Enhanced Public Safety applications. Fogsphere also facilitate monitoring of Waste Collection operations to enable easier maintenance of cleaner streets.

Health & Safety compliance in warehouse is not only protection of workers. Prescribing the right analytics provides reduction of Operation down-times increasing the efficiency of the Warehouse.

Health & Safety Vision Analytics for the Oil & Gas market (for all the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream segments).

We cover the Power Generation Health & Safety Vision Analytics, including for the Renewable Generation (Solar, Hydro and Wind) along with the Thermal Generation.

We offer Health & Safety Vision Analytics for the Healthcare market, covering PPE detection in wards, surgery rooms, and other areas of hospitals and clinics, including for Field Service Management and Facilities Management operations.

We deliver powerful Visual Analytics to protect workers on the shop floor of Manufacturing plants.