Fogsphere® enabling Health & Safety Monitoring and Compliance for                   

Oil & Gas Industry

Fogsphere® integrates pioneering computer vision applications with a particular emphasis on health, safety, and site operations in the Oil & Gas sector. Its capabilities provide round-the-clock surveillance of drilling sites, ensuring safe operating conditions and monitoring for potential hazards. The software is pivotal in overseeing pipeline and equipment health, detecting early signs of wear, leakage, or potential failure points that could pose risks. With Fogsphere® deployed, industry professionals can swiftly recognize safety breaches or operational discrepancies, enabling immediate corrective actions and reducing potential downtime. Its analytics further accentuate the importance of safety by offering insights into recurring issues or areas of concern. Most importantly, Fogsphere® stands as a vanguard for workforce safety, vigilantly identifying unauthorized access, ensuring compliance with safety protocols, and promptly alerting to potential threats or unsafe conditions.


Fogsphere® for Oil & Gas Industry


A fire that is not dealt with swiftly and effectively can result in considerable property damage and loss of life. To avoid such catastrophes, the AI must detect fires at an early stage, even before a smoke detector or sprinkler system is activated.

AI-based fire detection systems can play an important role in increasing fire safety in a variety of situations, including offices, industrial complexes, and public spaces. Foshpere's AI technologies serve as a strong line of defence against potential disasters by supplementing traditional fire protection procedures.

The implications of people falling in high-risk work contexts should not be underestimated. Slips and falls on slick surfaces or blocked passageways are not only common, but they can also be effectively mitigated with proper precautions.

When maintenance is neglected, unsafe work environments develop, putting employees at risk every time they enter the premises. These hazardous working circumstances can result in severe injuries and, in some cases, long-term disability. Fogsphere's AI-monitoring automated systems help in regulating maintenance routines and implementing safety protocols.

The detection of smoke is an important part of fire protection. The consequences of poor smoke management can be disastrous, resulting in significant property damage and even death.

By detecting smoke at its early stages, Fogsphere AI-powered devices may quickly alert authorities and residents of a potential fire hazard, giving them crucial time to take essential preparations or safely evacuate the premises. This preemptive technique reduces the danger of fire escalation and the extent of property loss dramatically.

The ramifications of car parking limits are far-reaching in any context where safety is crucial, such as an industrial plant, with the major focus being on permitting speedy evacuations during emergencies. The repercussions of violating parking restrictions can be severe and have a substantial influence on employee safety. A timely and orderly evacuation is necessary during critical situations such as fires, explosions, or other dangerous occurrences to minimise potential injuries or fatalities.

Taking into account vehicle types, emergency exit proximity, and traffic patterns, our AI-driven solution strategically positions vehicles to maximise evacuation routes, reduce congestion, and ensure swift personnel movement to safe zones. This creates a harmonious parking arrangement that facilitates evacuation and reduces chaos.

One of the major difficulties associated with cars straying from designated routes, specialised zones that may contain dangerous chemicals or unstable terrain that poses additional hazards, is the increased risk of accidents. Construction sites and hazardous industrial zones are frequently unsuitable for ordinary traffic. In the lack of proper road signs and safety measures, the chance of crashes, rollovers (and other possible incidents) increases.

The Fogsphere's design aims not only to keep vehicles on designated routes but also to prevent them from entering perilous operational zones where they could pose risks such as ignition and other hazards.

The lack of suitable PPE in vehicles at high-risks environments, such seatbelts and helmets, directly endangers drivers' lives. When workers fail to follow safety requirements, they endanger other road users. A single case of noncompliance might set off a chain reaction of accidents, involving innocent pedestrian employees as well as other road workers.

Our company specializes in promoting vehicle PPE compliance with a particular focus on encouraging the use of seatbelts and hard hats. Through our AIoT-powered and innovative solutions, we strive to ensure adherence to safe driving habits and proactively prevent issues from arising. By raising awareness and providing effective tools, we aim to create a safer driving environment for everyone on the road.

Employee safety and well-being are still critical in office buildings and workplaces. Fires, chemical spills, and other catastrophic incidents can disrupt routine operations and imperil lives. A speedy and well-organized evacuation strategy is vital in such situations, however this may be jeopardised by vehicles parked in restricted zones.

Our cutting-edge technology monitors vehicle operation zones detecting and alerting deviations in vehicle trajectories in real time, offering a proactive approach to potential hazards. When a vehicle deviates from the specified path, Fogpshere's system activates a flashing red indicator, which serves as a visible warning to the driver and others on the road, underlining the necessity of staying within the designated path and avoiding accidents.

Some zones are set up to restrict access to dangerous spots or work zones where heavy machinery is used, such as building sites and industrial facilities. One major source of concern is the possibility of human error. Accidents can occur when workers or pedestrians enter restricted zones accidentally due to a lack of awareness, poor signs, or insufficient barriers. Even with well-designed systems, there is always the potential that humans will disobey safety protocols unwittingly, resulting in life-threatening circumstances.

Our software is focused on dynamic delimitation areas to improve heavy machinery operator safety. To reduce dangers, we create boundary zones for humans and vehicles. A red warning alert is activated, for example, when a worker operates a forklift in a hallway while without wearing PPE.

Extreme weather conditions, hazardous substances or dangerous activities all necessitate extra vigilance and preventive steps to avoid potential overexposure which can have long-term health consequences. Workers in high-risk industries may also experience overexertion, weariness and decreased concentration which increases the likelihood of accidents and injuries.

We have methodically devised a complete procedure that covers many aspects of safety with a thorough awareness of the problems faced by such scenarios. We recognise that prolonged periods of idleness not only reduce productivity but also increase the hazards associated with overexposure. Our method takes a proactive approach to worker safety by implementing well-defined time limitations.

Falls from great heights are one of the main causes of industrial accidents around the world. Workers are vulnerable to significant injuries without sufficient safety equipment and training, which can result in long-term impairments or even death. Employers are not immune to the consequences of work-at-heights occurrences. They may suffer legal ramifications, costly penalties, and reputational harm. Furthermore, workplace accidents can lead to lost productivity, higher insurance rates, and the cost of replacing injured staff.

Our computer vision technology improves worker safety when performing work at heights. Consider a worker on scaffolding in close proximity to a tall robot arm. A red flash warns them as they approach a risky region. This rapid AI notification offers an additional degree of security, promoting vigilance in their workplace.

Unlawful intrusion into equipment zones can have far-reaching and severe consequences, posing significant risks to worker and organizations. Equipment zones often house machinery, heavy equipment, hazardous materials or critical infrastructure. Unauthorized access can lead to accidents, injuries, or even fatalities if unauthorized.

Our AIoT-powered technology restricts access to equipment zones using facial recognition, limiting unlawful intrusion and mproveing the safety of ac. When a worker approaches a camera-equipped pole, for example, their face is scanned, and the ROI changes color to indicate authority.

Line of fire accidents continue to pose major risks to workers in a variety of industrial sectors, from building sites to manufacturing plants. These mishaps happen when a worker is unintentionally placed in the path of moving objects, equipment or dangerous materials, resulting in significant injury or even death. Understanding the issues behind line of fire accidents is critical for creating preventative measures and guaranteeing workplace safety.

Our system constantly observes its surroundings by utilising powerful computer vision and machine learning. In cases when hazards persist, our AI operates as a vigilant guardian, promptly informing employees when they are in line of fire. When a worker is moving beneath a suspended load, our system diligently detects this perilous condition and sends an instant notice to safeguard the employee's safety.

One of the most serious consequences of noncompliance is an increased chance of workplace accidents and injury. Failure to follow PPE rules exposes workers to preventable hazards on construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and healthcare settings. The absence or poor use of protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, safety goggles, and respirators can have serious repercussions ranging from minor errors to life-altering occurrences.

Fogsphere quickly detects and assures adherence to personal protective equipment (PPE) laws thanks to its sophisticated AIoT capabilities, minimising workplace risks. Our cutting-edge AI algorithms keep track of any kind of personal protective equipment, speeding real-time monitoring and reporting of the most common PPE, which is required anywhere in the world for outdoor work environments.

Our Supported Use-cases

Our Solutions Areas

Revolutionizing PPE Compliance. Using Computer Vision and AI, combined with cloud computing and IoT, we offer an efficient solution to monitor, track, and enforce PPE usage for optimal safety and protocol adherence.

The Future of Area Control. Fogsphere® is an advanced platform that integrates data from sensors, CCTV, and IoT devices for real-time area monitoring. Using analytics and machine learning, it identifies anomalies and threats in workplaces, offering real-time insights and alerts for better decision-making.

Advanced Vehicle Safety Monitoring. Using state-of-the-art technology, Fogsphere® integrates data from sensors and cameras to detect operational breaches in vehicles. It provides real-time alerts to enhance safety and decision-making. Your go-to for optimal vehicle safety.

Revolutionizing Housekeeping Safety. Using advanced monitoring, Fogsphere® integrates data from sensors and cameras to detect risks. It provides swift alerts and insights to staff and decision-makers for proactive safety measures.

Pioneering Behavioural Safety. Using analytics, machine learning, and data from videos, CCTV, and IoT, we identify potential dangers from inappropriate conduct, analyzing trends to prevent unforeseen safety issues through human behavior evaluation.

Revolutionizing Emergency Management. Using advanced analytics and Computer Vision, we offer a comprehensive crisis view, guiding decisions. Our machine learning optimizes resources, transforming chaos into order, and safeguarding lives.

Industries we support

From Health & Safety Vision Analytics to Shoppers insights, Fogsphere covers the end-to-end needs of the Retail market through a complete and privacy-friendly suite of implementations.

Leak detection, Hazardous material handling, PPE detection, Environmental monitoring, Security & access control are only few of the applications possible with Fogsphere for Chemical Plants.

Fogsphere supplies 50+ turn-key EHS rules applied with few clicks for the Construction market. From PPE monitoring to management of gates between PPE-free (green) and mandatory PPE areas.

Fogsphere's proprietary Computer Vision AI covers vision applications in Smart Cities enabling automated Traffic Management and Enhanced Public Safety applications. Fogsphere also facilitate monitoring of Waste Collection operations to enable easier maintenance of cleaner streets.

Health & Safety compliance in warehouse is not only protection of workers. Prescribing the right analytics provides reduction of Operation down-times increasing the efficiency of the Warehouse.

Health & Safety Vision Analytics for the Oil & Gas market (for all the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream segments).

We cover the Power Generation Health & Safety Vision Analytics, including for the Renewable Generation (Solar, Hydro and Wind) along with the Thermal Generation.

We offer Health & Safety Vision Analytics for the Healthcare market, covering PPE detection in wards, surgery rooms, and other areas of hospitals and clinics, including for Field Service Management and Facilities Management operations.

We deliver powerful Visual Analytics to protect workers on the shop floor of Manufacturing plants.