Introducing Fogsphere®
The most advanced AI Platform to protect your workers

End-to-end AI Intelligent People Caring

Fogsphere® is a comprehensive solution, a one-stop-shop AI platform using Computer Vision and IoT to monitor workers safety and react to risks.

Fogsphere also ensures operational  Health & Safety compliance and helps to reduce incidents. Industries need to rely on technology to assess and reduce their workers’ risks and Fogsphere is here for that.


Fogsphere's CoreAI®:

State-of-the-art, proprietary Computer Vision models drive our core intelligence

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Fogsphere's IoT LoRa®:
Integrate all types of sensors to capture and analyze events through our Industrial IoT engine and integrated LoRaWAN Network Server

Fogsphere: 100+ Industrial-grade use-cases ready to deploy

Fogsphere's LoRa IoT platform facilitates seamless connectivity with LoRa sensors through an integrated LoRaWAN Network Server. This server is easily configured to communicate with LoRaWAN gateways, enabling the efficient collection and decoding of sensor data. Once data is gathered, it is analyzed, and any operational anomalies detected are relayed as events to the Fogsphere Manager®. This streamlined integration ensures reliable monitoring and swift notification, enhancing operational response and efficiency.


Fogsphere's Use-cases:
Fogsphere® provides more than 130 turnkey use-cases for your business


Fogsphere: 100+ Industrial-grade use-cases ready to deploy

Fogsphere offers 100+ pre-designed AI workflows for simplified Health & Safety monitoring processes across diverse sectors, including Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Mining, Logistics, Manufacturing, Food & Beverage, Retail, and more.

Our Network of local System Integration partners deliver turnkey installations of Fogsphere on a global level.


Edge-to-Fog-to-Cloud Architecture:
A Robust Three-Tier Framework that Supports On-Premise Deployments Independent of Cloud Connectivity

A Hyperscalable Architecture Engineered for Large Deployment Demands

Fogsphere's architecture is structured into three, Kubernetes-based levels for efficient data management and processing:

  1. Fogsphere Edge®: Installed on-site, this component handles the initial processing and analysis of video streams and IoT sensor data directly from the source.
  2. Fogsphere Manager®: This middle layer aggregates and stores data received from Fogsphere Edge®. It executes actions based on this data, manages AI assets such as cameras and gateways, IoT sensors, and other related equipment. It also generates automated safety compliance reports through RiskAssistant®. The Manager can be set up on-site, in a customer’s data center, or hosted in the cloud.
  3. Fogsphere Cloud®: The top tier of the architecture, where neural network models are trained and generated. It also manages all licensing and facilitates over-the-air software and model updates for Fogsphere Manager®.

This structure ensures hyper scalability at all levels and that even deployments without cloud connectivity can function smoothly and efficiently.


A Versatile Platform
Efficiently Oversee Both Construction and Ongoing Operations with a Single Unified System


Streamlined No-Code Interface
Effortlessly Manage AI and IoT Systems with a Unified Dashboard for Non-Technical Users

AI control via Visual No-Code Workflows

Fogsphere's visual no-code workflow engine empowers users, regardless of their technical expertise, to effortlessly design and implement AI-driven workflows. This innovative tool enables the seamless creation of processes for capturing, analyzing, and reporting events. By simplifying the integration of AI capabilities into daily operations, it allows users to focus on leveraging actionable insights and enhancing operational efficiency without the need for deep programming skills. This accessibility is particularly beneficial in environments where quick adaptation and responsiveness are crucial.


Global Industrial-grade solutions delivered by local qualified partners.

Industrial-grade Software


Fogsphere® leads the industry with its cutting-edge, in-house software solutions. Built by world-class engineers, these solutions leverage advanced software architectures and design patterns specifically optimized for the rigors of industrial environments.

Rich partner networks


Discover who is our regional partner covering your area and your specific use case. We work with top-tier global System Integrators, Telecom companies and CCTV installation companies to ensure our product is delivered on a global scale from professional and qualified personnel.

Multiple Industries


At Fogsphere® we serve some of the largest oil and gas, power generation, manufacturing, transportation and logistics, and retail companies in the world with solutions that are robust, durable and highly scalable.

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