FogSphere® Visual Analytics for the Industries

Benefits and Capabilities of FogSphere® for the Visual Industry

The FogSphere® platform lives at the base of all the Computer Vision Solutions marketed by Redev and from a growing number of Global System Integrators across the World.

FogSphere® enables a new generation of sustainable Visual Artificial Intelligence applications, making CCTV cameras smart, delivering efficient visual analytics and dramatically reducing costs through some unique innovations:

    • Decentralising AI at the Edge, cancelling the recurring cloud costs faced by current market AI applications.

    • Operating the fastest yet highly accurate, industrial-grade AI models in the market

    • Integrated IoT connectivity to field devices to deliver actuation of AI's decisions (what we call AIoT)

    • Providing a global Management and Programming dashboard to obtain total control of the whole edge infrastructure from a single pane of glass.

FogSphere® in numbers



Less data required to train models with the same or higher accuracy



Global and 10 regional System Integrators trusting our technology



Reduction of downtimes in AI applications thanks to the Edge-AI architecture.



Pre-trained, industrial-grade, AI models implementing turn-key solutions.



Of the fastest trending Industrial Computer Vision applications seen today!

FogSphere: The Industrial Computer Vision platform

The only cloud that is not only a cloud, but also works in your own private network!


Download our product sheet and see in deeper detail what our FogSphere platform offers to the market.™ is the first, three-tier (Cloud -> Fog -> Edge) AI platform on the market. FogSphere enables the creation of powerful Computer Vision applications for Commercial and Industrial use-cases.

The FogSphere™ platform supports any deployment architecture, thanks to the adoption of its powerful synchronisation engine able to enable any flavour of deployment among:

    • Cloud deployment (unlimited cameras)
    • Fog deployment (up to 150 cameras)
    • Scalable Fog deployment (unlimited cameras)

We've thoroughly trained and tested our Computer Vision models to achieve the highest accuracy possible in real-life use-cases.


Our leading AI management console integrated in the FogSphere Cloud service and in its on-premise version, the FogSphere Manager, allows complete management of large deployments of decentralised computer vision algorithms running on off-the-shelf, NVidia-powered, AI accelerators (commonly Nvidia Xavier or Nvidia Orin)

Industrial Computer Vision Solutions by Redev

Redev SafeWorx® - Workers' Visual Safety Monitoring (PPE)

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Closely tied to industrial robotics, computer vision applications for AI in the industrial space most often involve visual inspections. Artificial intelligence has two obvious advantages over humans when it comes to visual inspection: speed and accuracy. A computer vision system using cameras that are more sensitive than the naked eye and augmented with AI can identify microscopic defects that human inspectors might miss at a rate they cannot hope to match.

At Redev we've developed several AI Industrial Solutions based on our FogSphere Vision-X™ platform to run and scale algorithms at the edge using the latest inference acceleration technologies with the GPU/TPU field, like: Nvidia Jetson Nano/TX2/Xavier NX and Google Coral.

Redev AutoWorx® - Industrial Floor Visual Monitoring

Industry 4.0 concept .Man hand holding tablet with Augmented reality screen software and blue tone of automate wireless Robot arm in smart factory background

Manufacturers leverage AI technology to identify potential downtime and accidents by analyzing the sensor data. AI systems help manufacturers forecast when or if functional equipment will fail so its maintenance and repair can be scheduled before the failure occurs. Thanks to AI-powered predictive maintenance, manufacturers can improve efficiency while reducing the cost of machine failure.

Edge analytics provides fast and decentralized insights from data sets collected from sensors on machines. Manufacturers collect and analyzed data on edge to reduce time to insight. Edge analytics has three use cases in manufacturing:

  • Improving production quality and yield
  • Detecting early signs of deteriorating performance and risk of failure
  • Tracking worker health and safety by using wearables

Redev CityWorx® - Smart City Visual Monitoring

Waiter hand holding an empty digital tablet with Smart city with smart services and icons, internet of things, networks and augmented reality concept , night scene .

Industrial robots, also referred to as manufacturing robots, automate repetitive tasks, prevent or reduce human error to negligible rate, and shift human workers' focus to more productive areas of the operation. Applications of robots in plants vary. With the addition of artificial intelligence, an industrial robot can monitor its own accuracy and performance, and train itself to get better. Redev supports manufacturers to equipe robots with machine vision to help robots achieve precise mobility in complex and random environments.
Cobots are another robotics application that uses machine vision to work safely alongside human workers to complete a task that cannot be fully automated. Feel free to learn more about cobots with our comprehensive guide.

Redev LifeWorx® - Hospital Visual Operations Monitoring


Quality assurance is the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product. Assembly lines are data-driven, interconnected and autonomous networks. These assembly lines work based on a set of parameters and algorithms that provide guidelines to produce the best possible end-products. AI systems can detect the differences from the usual outputs by using machine vision technology since most defects are visible. When an end-product is lower quality than expected, AI systems trigger an alert to users so that they can react to make adjustments.

Redev LogiWorx® - Warehouse Visual Operations Monitoring


A digital twin can be used to monitor and analyze the production process to identify where quality issues may occur or where the performance of the product is lower than intended. Digital twins allow manufacturers to gain a clear view of the materials used and provide the opportunity to automate the replenishment process

FogSphere VX-Edge is a pioneer in industrial image recognition for anomaly detection and predictive maintenance.

FogSphere provides high precision problem identification, pattern recognition, object identification and much more to be used in the most challenging of the manufacturing use-cases.

Trough our algorithms we enable simplified visual problem detection for operations and assets typical of the Oil & Gas world.