Fogsphere IoT LoRa®

Wireless Sensors to monitor Health & Safety of your workplaces

The IoT LoRa® component extends the Health & Safety workplace monitoring capabilities of Fogsphere® from the realm of CCTV cameras to the world of low-power Wireless Sensor Networks using the LoRaWAN® standard.

The LoRaWAN technology provides a faster, easier and more cost-effective route to gaining real ROI from the Industry 4.0 digital transformation. With the data collected from LoRaWAN sensors and sent to the Fogsphere® low-code programming interface, our users can now integrate information from wireless sensors together with the outcome of Computer Vision to create more comprehensive HSE compliance monitoring workflow.


A single pane of glass to manage your LoRaWAN® network
Fogsphere® IoT LoRa® to enable easy deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks across your site at cost

AI control via Visual No-Code Workflows

Fogsphere® IoT LoRa® provides an end-to-end LoRaWAN management platform with an integrated LoRa Network Server.

Fogsphere® customers are now able to deploy at cost a LoRa Wireless Sensor Network to collect any type of data from LoRa field sensors and actuators.

Our platform manage the whole network creation and operation seamlessly with the Fogsphere® computer vision CoreAI® module to enable Health & Safety decisions be triggered with a multi-modal approach, basing decisions both on CCTV video analysis and sensors data.


Global Industrial-grade solutions delivered by local qualified partners.

Industrial-grade Software


Fogsphere® is a pioneer in designing and developing its own software with world-class engineering teams specializing in software architectures and design patterns ideal to fulfill industrial environments.

Rich partner networks


Discover who is our regional partner covering your area and your specific use case. We work with top-tier global System Integrators, Telecom companies and CCTV installation companies to ensure our product is delivered on a global scale from professional and qualified personnel.

Oil & Gas and Power Generation


At Fogsphere® we have a particular focus on the Oil & Gas market. We serve the largest Oil & Gas companies in the world with our technology and strive to make all their deployments reliable and durable.

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