Dynamic Delimitation Area

Enhancing Heavy Machinery Operator Safety

Fogsphere’s Computer Vision Technology establishes boundary zones for both workers and vehicles ensuring safe distances, reducing potential accidents and distractions

Visual Vehicles Monitoring

Fogsphere® is redefining operational vehicle monitoring. Welcome to Fogsphere® – Improving Vehicle Operation Oversight for Better Safety. Fogsphere® delivers a sophisticated solution for Operate Vehicle monitoring, with the goal of reducing injuries caused by incorrect vehicle usage. Fogsphere® leverages cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive vehicle operation control by combining disparate data sources, analytics, and real-time insights. Our technology collects data from sensors, existing cameras, and Internet of Things devices to create a digital model of the operational zone. Fogsphere® detects irregularities, risks, and operational breaches in complex circumstances using powerful analytics and machine learning, providing timely, actionable intelligence. Our novel solution provides real-time alerts, intelligent notifications, and visual representations to vehicle operators, safety officers, and decision-makers, supporting well-informed decision-making and reducing injuries caused by unsafe practises. Fogsphere® is your vehicle safety partner.

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Fogsphere's Watchful Eye For Your Vehicles Monitoring

Some zones are set up to restrict access to dangerous spots or work zones where heavy machinery is used, such as building sites and industrial facilities. One major source of concern is the possibility of human error. Accidents can occur when workers or pedestrians enter restricted zones accidentally due to a lack of awareness, poor signs, or insufficient barriers. Even with well-designed systems, there is always the potential that humans will disobey safety protocols unwittingly, resulting in life-threatening circumstances.


Our software is focused on dynamic delimitation areas to improve heavy machinery operator safety. To reduce dangers, we create boundary zones for humans and vehicles. A red warning alert is activated, for example, when a worker operates a forklift in a hallway while without wearing PPE.

Business Impact

Fogsphere® acts as a vigilance beacon detecs anomalies, possible hazards and operational breaches in even the most complex settings extending its protective reach through real-time alerts, intelligent notifications and user-friendly visual representations. Our cutting-edge technology encourages a culture of informed decision-making by providing crucial insights to vehicle operators, safety officers and decision-makers. The end result? A significant reduction in injuries caused by hazardous practises.