Hearing Muff

Detecting and Monitoring Hearing Muffs (Hearing Protection)

Fogsphere’s Computer Vision Technology safeguards against excessive noise exposure that can harm workers’ health in the long run by detecting and monitoring the proper use of safety equipment like hearing protection. Fogsphere evaluates worker behavior and confirms adherence to health and safety rules using the already-installed CCTV cameras and sensors.

PPE Monitoring

Fogsphere® enabling PPE Compliance. Welcome to Fogsphere®, where we’re changing the way businesses ensure Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance. Our Computer Vision technology combines the capabilities of artificial intelligence, cloud computing and IoT to provide a streamlined and efficient solution for proactively monitor, track and enforce PPE usage assuring the greatest levels of safety and PPE protocols compliance.

Success Story

PPE For HSE Compliance

One of the most serious consequences of noncompliance is an increased chance of workplace accidents and injury. Failure to follow PPE rules exposes workers to preventable hazards on construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and healthcare settings. The absence or poor use of protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, safety goggles, and respirators can have serious repercussions ranging from minor errors to life-altering occurrences.

PPE For HSE Compliance

Fogsphere quickly detects and assures adherence to personal protective equipment (PPE) laws thanks to its sophisticated AIoT capabilities, minimising workplace risks. Our cutting-edge AI algorithms keep track of any kind of personal protective equipment, speeding real-time monitoring and reporting of the most common PPE, which is required anywhere in the world for outdoor work environments.

Business Impact

Fogsphere is leading a game-changing mission to achieve zero deaths in high-risk workplace situations, establishing a new benchmark for safety and well-being. The novel technique of Fogsphere guarantees that workers wear the appropriate equipment at the appropriate time, minimising wasted downtime caused by inadequate or unavailable PPE. Compliance with safety regulations is actively enforced by leveraging the power of real-time Computer Vision, resulting in a significant decrease in accidents and associated reductions in fines and legal expenditures. Invaluable data insights easily support resource allocation and the implementation of precisely focused safety programmes. Beyond its immediate impact, Fogsphere’s method is in sync with long-term practises because it optimises PPE usage while effortlessly matching with environmentally beneficial procedures.