Unattendend Objects

Rapid Identification of Hazardous Items

Our technology can identify lost or abandoned items that could endanger workers very fast. Think about the following example: A door opens, revealing an unattended package, and then closes. Within two seconds, the object starts to flash, indicating that immediate attention is required.


Fogsphere® technology has transformed housekeeping monitoring. Welcome to Fogsphere®, where we empower housekeeping safety for a safer environment. Fogsphere® launches cutting-edge Housekeeping Monitoring, which seamlessly integrates many data sources, analytics, and real-time insights. We collect information from sensors, existing cameras, and IoT devices to create a digital map of the monitored area. Fogsphere® detects deviations, possible risks, and operational anomalies in complex situations using advanced analytics and machine learning, providing rapid actionable intelligence. Our technology provides rapid alerts, smart notifications, and visualisations to personnel, supervisors, and decision-makers, ensuring informed measures are made to prevent accidents.

Success Story

Housekeeping safeguards to reduce slips, trips and falls risks

In industrial settings loose debris, tools left on the ground or unsecured scaffolding can be potential sources of accidents as to as spilled chemicals or oils on floors that can create slippery surfaces.


Our technology can quickly recognize unattended objects and misplaced things which can represent a risk for workers. Consider the following scenario: a door opens and closes, showing an unattended package. The object begins flashing within two seconds, signaling the need for rapid attention.

Business Impact

Fogsphere® is leading a disruptive path in boosting housekeeping safety for a more secure environment within this digital age. Using advanced analytics and machine learning, Fogsphere® excels in detecting deviations, identifying possible hazards, and uncovering operational anomalies within complex circumstances. Fogsphere® not only redefines but also reinvents housekeeping monitoring. As we enter this new era, we urge you to discover the potential of Fogsphere® and join us in creating safer, more secure tomorrows through cutting-edge technology. Consider a world in which accidents are avoided before they happen, operational bottlenecks are eliminated, and your company thrives in a safe and efficient ecology. Fogsphere® makes this vision a reality, altering your company’s path in the housekeeping domain. Discover Fogsphere®’s obvious business effect today, where innovation meets results and safety becomes a strategic advantage.