Vehicle PPE Compliance

Ensuring Road Safety

Our organisation specialises in increasing vehicle PPE compliance, with a specific emphasis on seatbelt use. We strive to assure adherence to safe driving behaviours and to proactively avert concerns with our AIoT-powered and creative solutions. We promote a safer driving environment for everyone on the road by raising awareness and providing effective tools.

Visual Vehicles Monitoring

Fogsphere® is redefining operational vehicle monitoring. Welcome to Fogsphere® – Improving Vehicle Operation Oversight for Better Safety. Fogsphere® delivers a sophisticated solution for Operate Vehicle monitoring, with the goal of reducing injuries caused by incorrect vehicle usage. Fogsphere® leverages cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive vehicle operation control by combining disparate data sources, analytics, and real-time insights. Our technology collects data from sensors, existing cameras, and Internet of Things devices to create a digital model of the operational zone. Fogsphere® detects irregularities, risks, and operational breaches in complex circumstances using powerful analytics and machine learning, providing timely, actionable intelligence. Our novel solution provides real-time alerts, intelligent notifications, and visual representations to vehicle operators, safety officers, and decision-makers, supporting well-informed decision-making and reducing injuries caused by unsafe practises. Fogsphere® is your vehicle safety partner.

Success Story

Fogsphere's Watchful Eye For Your Vehicles Monitoring

The lack of suitable PPE in vehicles at high-risks environments, such seatbelts and helmets, directly endangers drivers’ lives. When workers fail to follow safety requirements, they endanger other road users. A single case of noncompliance might set off a chain reaction of accidents, involving innocent pedestrian employees as well as other road workers.


Our company specializes in promoting vehicle PPE compliance with a particular focus on encouraging the use of seatbelts and hard hats. Through our AIoT-powered and innovative solutions, we strive to ensure adherence to safe driving habits and proactively prevent issues from arising. By raising awareness and providing effective tools, we aim to create a safer driving environment for everyone on the road.

Business Impact

Fogsphere® acts as a vigilance beacon detecs anomalies, possible hazards and operational breaches in even the most complex settings extending its protective reach through real-time alerts, intelligent notifications and user-friendly visual representations. Our cutting-edge technology encourages a culture of informed decision-making by providing crucial insights to vehicle operators, safety officers and decision-makers. The end result? A significant reduction in injuries caused by hazardous practises.